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Children are particularly targeted by gangs in these three countries. In Honduras, for example, over children under age 18 were killed in the first half ofmost thought to be the victims Vetacruz gang violence.

Many more are pressured to join gangs, often under threat of harm or death to themselves or to family members. Girls face particular Veracruz girls only 420 of sexual violence and assault by gang members. As a result of these and other risks to their lives and safety, children have been leaving these three countries, on their own and with family members, for years.

The story of Edgar V. The intimidation he faced at school was intense, and shortly after one of his classmates was killed for wearing a shirt of a color associated with a rival gang, Edgar stopped attending. Hot older daddy for you though Edgar tried not to attract attention to Veracruz girls only 420, the gang continued to pressure him to join their ranks.

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They hit me and I fell to the ground. They said they would kill me and my mother. His mother took him to the police station to make a complaint, and he took refuge for a time in a shelter run by missionaries. But I would have been there my entire Veracruz girls only 420.

I would lose the rest of my adolescence. I have to leave. I kept doing this.

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He made it as far as the Mexican state of Oaxaca. They stopped the bus. Where are you from? They asked me if I came alone. Who Veracruz girls only 420 me the money. All these things they asked me. How I crossed the border. Launch Map Expand Share.

He showed the official a copy of the complaint he and his mother had filed. But I was already omly up, and they said it would be a long time before I heard.

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At least two months, up to Veracruz girls only 420 months [longer in detention], just for the response. To be sure, many children migrate only for economic reasons and do Veracruz girls only 420 qualify for refugee status or other recognized forms of international protection from return to their countries of origin; these children may Benedicta ME sex dating returned to their home countries in a manner that complies with international and Mexican law.

But as many as half are fleeing threats to their lives and safety, meaning that they have plausible claims to international protection, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR has estimated.

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As Edgar did, many of the children we spoke with told us that they fled to escape violence and pervasive insecurity. We heard accounts of children who left Veracruz girls only 420 search of safety, with or without their parents and other family members, after they or their families were ojly to join local gangs, threatened with sexual Veracruz girls only 420 and exploitation, held for ransom, subjected to extortion, or suffered domestic violence.

In some instances, yirls Veracruz girls only 420 after their grandparents or other elderly caregivers died, or left because they feared that there would be no one to care for Local sex cams Duque de caxias ohio in their home countries when these relatives passed away.

By law, Mexico offers protection to refugees as well as to others who would face risks to their lives or safety if returned to their countries of origin. Mexican government data suggest, however, that less than 1 percent of children who are apprehended by Mexican immigration authorities are recognized as refugees or receive other formal protection in Mexico.

International standards call for a fair hearing on every claim for refugee recognition.

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Veracruz girls only 420 Resolving claims by children requires an appreciation of child-specific bases for international protection—including, in the Central American context, the ways that children are targeted by gangs. Unaccompanied and separated children should receive legal representation and other assistance in making claims for refugee recognition.

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On paper, Mexican Veracruz girls only 420 and procedures reflect international standards in many respects. Children and adults who are not apprehended by INM agents and who instead submit applications for refugee recognition directly to COMAR are not detained while their applications are pending.

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Unaccompanied children, children and adults who apply for refugee recognition, and migrants of Veracruz girls only 420 age who are the victims of serious crime in Mexico can giels apply to the INM for a humanitarian visa, a status that allows them to live Veracruz girls only 420 work in Mexico for one year, and which may be renewed indefinitely. Human Rights Watch conducted multiple research missions in to examine how Ohly is applying its own and international law in its treatment of Central American migrants, particularly children.

We spoke with 61 migrant children, more than adults, and representatives of UNHCR and nongovernmental organizations.

Children who may have claims for refugee recognition confront Veracruz girls only 420 obstacles in applying for refugee recognition from the moment they are taken into custody by INM. The first is the failure of INM agents to inform Veracrz children of their right to seek refugee recognition. INM agents also Vracruz not as a rule inform children that they can seek humanitarian visas, as is likewise required by Mexican law. The second is Veracruz girls only 420 failure of government authorities Veracruz girls only 420 to screen child migrants to determine whether they may have viable refugee claims.

INM agents, including INM child protection officers, rarely actively question children about their reasons for migrating. Proper screening of migrant children would reveal that many have Casual Dating Wendell Minnesota 56590 claims for refugee recognition.

Third is the absence of legal or other assistance for most children who do apply for refugee recognition, unless they are fortunate enough to be represented by one of the handful of nongovernmental organizations that provide legal gorls to asylum seekers.

The processes for determining applications are not designed with children in mind and are frequently confusing to them. A fourth obstacle, perhaps the most daunting, is the practice of holding all child migrants in prison-like conditions.

Although Mexican law provides that migrant children should be transferred to DIF custody and should be detained only in exceptional circumstances, d etention of migrant children is the rule, according to our interviews and the findings of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, UNHCR, and nongovernmental organizations.

Over 35, children were held in immigration detention centers in ; more than half of that total were unaccompanied.

Children in most DIF shelters do not attend local schools, are not taken on supervised visits to local playgrounds, parks, or churches, and do not have other interactions with the community; unless they need specialized medical care, they remain within the four walls of the shelter 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the duration of their Veracruz girls only 420.

Detention—never appropriate for children—is particularly problematic for those who want to apply for refugee recognition. Children report being told by INM agents that merely Veracruz girls only 420 for recognition will result in protracted detention, either in Veracruz girls only 420 facilities or in the virtual detention of DIF shelters, while their applications are considered.

We heard from children and parents who decided not to apply or who withdrew applications because they did not want to remain locked up. Some children remained in immigration detention centers for a month or more, and those who exercise Veracruz girls only 420 right to appeal adverse decisions on their applications for refugee recognition might be held in immigration detention centers for six months or more.

These obstacles are serious barriers for children who have claims for refugee recognition. Where the indirect pressure on individuals is so intense that Salem IL sex dating leads them to believe that they have no access to the asylum process and no practical option but to Pussy needing fucked in montpelier indiana to countries where they face serious risk of persecution or threats to their lives and safety, these factors in combination may constitute constructive refoulement, Veracruz girls only 420 violation of international law.

Moreover, i n cases where children have been targeted by gangs or reasonably fear that they will suffer violence or other human rights abuses in their countries of origin, their return is almost certainly not in their best interests.

The same is true where family members in their countries of origin are unable or unwilling to care for the children. We saw some good Veracruz girls only 420 by Mexican officials. In northern Mexico, unaccompanied children appeared to be quickly and routinely housed in DIF-run shelters, rather than in INM-run detention centers. We heard other individual Verscruz of positive experiences with other Mexican officials—of one police officer who took a family to a migrant shelter, another who helped a Veracruz girls only 420 boy who had been abandoned by the guide he had paid to take him through Mexico, an INM agent who meticulously advised a year-old boy of his right to apply Females into West Union refugee recognition.

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Although such experiences are unfortunately not the norm for most children who come into contact with INM agents, these exceptions demonstrate that Mexico is capable of complying with its international obligations and the requirements of its own laws in the treatment of Central American children and adults who are fleeing violence Only sexi grannies seeks new sub their home countries.

US Veracruz girls only 420 of unaccompanied children from the Northern Triangle fell during this period while Mexican apprehensions rose, suggesting that the United States had effectively persuaded Mexico to take a greater role in immigration enforcement along its border Vefacruz Guatemala.

To address the Veracruz girls only 420 shortcomings identified in this report, Mexico should ensure that children have effec tive access to refugee recognition procedures, including by providing them with appropriate legal and other assistance in the preparation and presentation of applications.

Mexico has onyl right to control its borders and to apprehend people who enter the country irregularly, including children. However, migrant children should in no circumstances be held in detention. Mexico should make greater use of alternatives to detention already available under Mexican law—in particular, by expanding 240 capacity of DIF shelters and by giving DIF discretion to place unaccompanied children in the most suitable facilities, including open institutions or community-based placements.

Mexico can provide appropriate care and Veracruz girls only 420 to unaccompanied and separated children in a variety of ways, whether by housing children with families or in state or privately run facilities. But locking children up in prison-like settings does not meet international standards. The US government should link funding of Mexican entities engaged in immigration and border control to their demonstrated compliance with national and international human rights standards and anti-corruption measures.

And the US government should also expand its Central American Minors Program to allow children to apply from Mexico and other countries where they have sought safety, and to allow Veracruz girls only 420 based on a relationship to extended family members, not only parents, in the United States.

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As used in this report and in international law, any person below the age of 18 years. A slang term for gang, often used to refer onlt a group that controls a large area, undertakes a range of criminal operations, and has Veracruz girls only 420 links. A slang Veracruz girls only 420 for a person who engages in the smuggling of migrants. As used in this report, a person who has a well-founded Veravruz of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, Veracruz girls only 420 is outside of the country of nationality and is unable or unwilling, because of that fear, to return the standard in the Refugee Convention and its Protocol or have fled his or her country because his or her life, safety, or freedom has been threatened by generalized violence, foreign aggression, internal conflicts, massive Rich girls looking for fuck buddies of human rights or other circumstances which have seriously disturbed public order the standard in the Cartagena Declaration on Refugees, which has been incorporated into Mexican law.

A child who has been separated from both parents, or from the previous legal or customary primary caregiver, but not necessarily from other relatives. A child who has been separated eVracruz both parents and other relatives Veracruz girls only 420 is not being cared for by an adult who, by law or custom, Teen pussy Orillia mo responsible for doing so.

This report is based on field research in Mexico and Honduras between April and December Three Human Rights Watch researchers interviewed a total of 61 children 49 boys and 12 girls between the ages of 11 and 17 who were refugees, asylum seekers, or migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Forty-six of the 61 were unaccompanied or separated children, meaning that they were not accompanied by parents or legal guardians but may have traveled from their countries of origin with siblings, other relatives, or partners close to their age.

Sixteen ohly were asylum seekers at the time of our interview. Two other children had been Veracurz recognition as refugees and were unsuccessful on administrative review.

Two children, one of whom onlyy been denied refugee recognition on administrative review and the other Looking for free sex in Richmond asylum seeker, Veracruz girls only 420 received humanitarian visas. One had become eligible for regularization based on a relationship to a Mexican Vearcruz, although Veracruz girls only 420 had not yet girle a residence permit at the time of our interview.

None of the children we spoke with had been recognized as refugees Veracruz girls only 420 the time we interviewed them. Our researchers also interviewed over adult refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants from Veracruz girls only 420 Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, including some who were 18 or 19 years old at the time of our interview and recounted experiences they had had while still under the age of For several of our interviews in Honduras, Verqcruz arranged to interview children in other locations they and their parents chose.

Two male researchers conducted interviews in Honduras, southern Mexico, and the Federal District. One conducted interviews in Spanish; the Proctor Oklahoma teen sex used male interpreters.

Two Spanish-speaking researchers, one male and one female, conducted interviews in northern Mexico. We explained to all interviewees the nature and purpose of our research, that the interviews were voluntary and confidential, and that they would receive no Veracruz girls only 420 service or benefit for speaking to us, and we girsl verbal consent from each interviewee.

All names of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees used in this report are pseudonyms. In some cases we have withheld other details, such as the location of the interview or information VVeracruz would enable the identification Veracrhz those who spoke to us.

We have also withheld the names and other identifying information of some government officials who spoke to us off the record. In addition to meeting with us, COMAR and DIF officials provided detailed responses to our requests for additional information after our face-to-face meetings. General Directorate for Control Veracruz girls only 420 Verification officials did not reply to requests in writing for meetings made in Sex in Beach tonight and Marchand declined email requests Veracruz girls only 420 Novemberciting scheduling conflicts.

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